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Night Volleyball

More fun and aligned with your fitness goals than a night at the bar. Make some new friends feeling healthy and energised instead. Night volleyball beach party - beers and UV paint included.

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Image by Marvin Meyer


No better way to spend a Saturday in San Diego than riding the wake behind a speedboat on Mission Bay. Let the pumping music and the rest of the group cheer you on, we'll get you standing on day one. 

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Outdoor Movie

movie nights

Showing a collection of iconic films on an outdoor screen. From your all time favourite comedies, actions to surf inspired movies. Grab some popcorn, a beer, a bean bag and a couple of friends.

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About Us

We're a bold group of thrill-seekers. With a mission to make the adventure and activities on offer in San Diego more accessible for everyone

We moved to San Diego with the same excitement of every fresh face - ready to Rock n' Roll in America's finest city. We couldn't wait to get in the water. To try surfing, wake surfing, kitesurfing, beach volleyball and explore the incredible nature and adventure on our doorstep.


What we quickly discovered:

1) Activities are more fun in a group

2) You'll need the right kind of equipment

These things can be expensive, and not always easy to come by. Especially if you've not yet met the right crowd.

So, Club Never Bored was born.

Our mission is to bring you what you need, and a supportive group of like-minded people to cheer you on. No hassle. No stress. Allowing you to focus on having fun, making new friends and improving your skills in your chosen activity.

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