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Bad Ass San Diego Events and Community Outreach

Welcome to Never Bored, where vibrant souls seeking adventure and connection come together to embrace life to the fullest in the heart of sunny San Diego! We are not just an events company; we are a community that celebrates the NEVER BORED lifestyle – trying new activities, being health-conscious, and living life to the fullest.


Our mission is to ignite your passions and keep your spirits soaring as we curate an exhilarating array of activities and gatherings that cater to the active and adventurous among us. From heart-pumping outdoor escapades like beach volleyball tournaments, kiteboarding, wakesurfing, desert parties, and an ecosystem of partners that are united in our mission. NEVER BORED is your passport to unforgettable experiences and meaningful connections.


So leave boredom at the door and let the thrill of possibility sweep you off your feet—because with Never Bored, life is an endless playground of joy and discovery!


Night Volleyball

More fun and aligned with your fitness goals than a night at the bar. Make some new friends feeling healthy and energized instead. Night volleyball beach party - beers and UV paint included.

Image by Marvin Meyer


No better way to spend a Saturday in San Diego than riding the wake behind a speedboat on Mission Bay. Let the pumping music and the rest of the group cheer you on, we'll get you standing on day one. 

Outdoor Movie

movie nights

Showing a collection of iconic films on an outdoor screen. From your all time favourite comedies, actions to surf inspired movies. Grab some popcorn, a beer, a bean bag and a couple of friends.


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About Us

Bored? Never.

Throughout the years, our exuberant community has hosted an array of unforgettable events, from electrifying night volleyball tournaments named "Illuminety" to enchanting movie nights, yacht parties, destination surfing, snowboarding excursions, desert riding, and laid-back beach hangouts. Fuelled by this shared enthusiasm, we decided to create a brand that perfectly captures our spirit—NEVER BORED was born.

We are always looking for partnerships, alliances, and co-hosts to help serve our epic community.

Join us as we redefine what it means to live life to the fullest, where the thrill of new experiences and the warmth of cherished friendships intertwine to create unforgettable memories. Let the NEVER BORED journey begin!

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